Yo, yo, yo!
I wanted to first off say thank you to all the nice and encouraging comments on my last post.
I'm really trying to be happier with myself all around. c:
Anyways, I know I haven't been posting more recent pictures or myself, so here is one!

My hair color isn't as green as it looks, its more of a green/blue mix.

And speaking of hair look how long the back has gotten!
It's past my collarbone now. ( o w o)/
And more good news, I'm getting my darling Princeston back this weekend!
When I moved out at first I couldn't take her, but now that we are at a bigger place I can.
I haven't seen here since April. ;n;

I'm so glad I can finally have her again!
And in other news I bought these buttons the other day. :D

A Sotsugyousei & Plastic Tree one.
Sotsugyousei is one of my favorite manga series and Plastic Tree is one of my favorite bands. :D
I think everyone should read Doukyusei/Sotsugyousei.
It's a really cute story by Nakamura Asumiko.
It is a BL, but there isn't sex in it so far, and it won't happen until later chapters.
But seriously, it makes my heart all mushy. ;w;
Read it
here .


  1. You're so cute,your hair looks really gorgeous in that color!

    Asumiko is one if my favorites,I think I'm gonna take your advice and read it!

  2. your hair are so cute!!! and you are so sweet and your dog too!! *.*
    i love japanise comics! :)
    <3 <3 <3