♡ ♡ ♡

Hey-ho everyone!
So this entry will have lots of pictures.~
First off, I wore a pretty cute outfit the other day:

Obviously sailor inspied. :>
And I actually took a new picture with my camera.

It's just a generic close-up shot like most of my pictures, but whatever. ( ; ^;)

Yesterday I organized my bookshelf.

I need to get more manga. D:
I have such a small collection.
And guess what I recieved yesterday, Princeston!♥

I've missed her so much. (Q v Q )
And look, my bottons came in!
I love them.


  1. You should see my manga collection, it's three bookshelves full
    I'm glad you got your puppy back

  2. I don't even have HALF that much manga :'D
    All I have is Death Note and Trinity Blood

  3. Welcome back, Prince~. : D And duuude. So. Much. Manga. o.o I think I stashed mine in the attic when they couldn't fit on my desk anymore. Haha.

    Also, I love the nautical-inspired outfit. Those shoes are pretty cute, too~.