12-3 | Outfits

So I thought I post my outfits from the last two days.~

This one I wore to work yesterday.
I got lots of lovely compliments!♥
I was told I looked like a doll like three times.
That is pretty much the highest compliment to me. ;w;
I was so happy!

This outfit I wore the day before that.
It was pretty much a black and white outfit with a bit of color. 8D
I based it around my amazing D'espairsRay shirt that my friend Nickie got me.
I absolutely love it.


  1. so adorable....
    you look sooo cute ♥

    u didn't post for so long time.
    what a shame ;D.... i really like your blog ♥___♥

    hella ♥

  2. i like your second outfit *^*
    your look so pretty & cute *3* ♥

  3. @Hella - Thank you! c: Glad you enjoy my blog!

    @Kelly - Thank you so much! :3