Review: So Sweet, So Easy & cat ears

So, like I said I would, I made a new review!
This review will be on MAC's So Sweet, So Easy cremeblend blush and these cat ears I got off of eBay.
First off, So Sweet, So Easy!

The color on is a nice light pink; I usually put at least two coats of it on.
It doesn't feel caked on even when more is added.
The texture (if you apply it with your finger as I do) is a creamy, almost wet.
I like it a lot, it's very sweet.♥
Now onto the ears.~

I bought them off eBay for about $4.
They are cute, soft, and easy to clip in!
I would add the link to the seller, but I couldn't find it again. >:


  1. omggg you look so cute <3 I missed your blog posts ; w ;

  2. @Tales Attack - Awe! ;A; I'm sorry for not posting in so long. And thank you!

  3. i really love to purchase this nekomimi at PIJ but i just wonder how this could be wear. Does it is a headband,pin or what.