Ⓡⓔⓥⓘⓔⓦ EOS Candy Blue

So after hearing only good things about Pinky Paradise I decided to order a pair of lenses from them.
I ordered my pair of EOS Candy Blue lenses on the 27th of November and received them in my mailbox on the 24th of December.
The lenses were safely packed between a bright orange foam sheet wrapped with tape inside the package.
Over-all I had no real problem with the site, the only thing I can think to comment on is that my tracking never changed its status so I was a bit worried that my lenses hadn't gotten shipped.
I do plan to buy from Pinky Paradise again in the near future. (:

Color - ★★★★★
I really, really, really, love the color of these lenses. The blue is very dreamy and vibrant and the black ring is very dark and bold making a lovely contrast between the two colors. The color also blend extremely well with my light eyes which is a huge plus to me.
Design - ★★★★★
The design is very simple, but that is what I really love about these lenses and what has always drawn me to them.
Comfort - ★★★★✰
I wore these lenses about 4 & 1/2 to 5 hours before they started to irritate my eyes. Unfortunately, I didn't have eye drops with me so my eyes were really hating me and I had to take them out. I've worn other lenses longer without and eye drops (though I really do not suggest doing that), so that's why I didn't give the comfort all 5 stars. I can say though, you really don't feel them on your eyes for the first few hours.

Overall - ★★★★★
I'm really in love with these lenses. They are a gorgeous color and design and they blend very well with my natural lighter eye color. I think they look nice  on both dark and light eyes, which is a big thumbs up in my book. I would love to get them in another color to see if they also blend well with my eyes. 

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