Ⓡⓔⓥⓘⓔⓦ Dueba Barbie Super Nudy Sky Blue

So before the holidays ended, kiwiberry1 was having an amazing sale were all their lenses were half off!
So I snagged myself two pairs of lenses, the ones I'm reviewing now and GnG/Dueba Super Nudy 3-tone Green, which I will be reviewing later.
Per usual, I had no problem with kiwiberry1, they sent my order out quickly and I received them a few weeks later.
Unfortunately, kiwiberry1 seems to no longer be selling these lenses, but I found them on this site if anyone is interested in purchasing them.
Now onto the review!~
DIA - 14.5mm
Water - 48%
Base Curve - 8.6

Color - ★★★★★
I really fell in love with how light blue these lenses are when I first saw them online. When I saw them in the packaging I got really excited because the color was amazingly similar to the online photo. When I put them on, they actually turn a darker blue due to how light they are. I still like the color even though it's not the dreamy sky blue when on.
Design - ★★★★✰
These lenses have the nudy design which I always find lovely, but, they are very sheer(? I guess you could say) and you can see through the lenses pretty easily. If you actually look close enough, you can see my real eye color appear through some of the blue.
Enlargement - ★★★★★
These lenses make my eyes look quiet big, actually. All day I was actually thinking about how they make my eyes look big and blue, haha.
Comfort - ★★★✰✰
Unfortunately, these are not the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. I had to put eye drops in my eyes quiet a few times while wearing them for about 6 hours.

(Outdoor lighting)

(Indoor lighting)

Overall - ★★★★✰
Even with the few things I pointed out about the lenses, I overall really like them and plan to wear them a lot. :)

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