Circle lens guide & tips(for light eyes)

I thought I would share my knowledge on circle lenses since they have become so popular.Note: this is based on my own experiences with circle lenses over the past 4-5 years.

♥Where to Buy

You can buy circle lenses from a number of different sites, these are the sites I personally like and trust:
http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com/ I've been buying from kiwiberry1 for years and have never had any problems. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) They also have many sales (right now it's 45% off the site!) and give a discount of 15% to first time shoppers. If you register on their site, you gain rewards points just by visiting.
http://loveshoppingholics.com/ I've bought from them once or twice and have never had problems. They carry a large variety of lenses that sometimes can't be found on other lens sights.
http://www.pinkyparadise.com/ PinkyParadise is probably one of the most well known sites to shop for lenses. I've personally bought from them once or twice and had no issues. (they are having a 50% off sale for the next 2-3 days!)

http://www.maplelens.com/ I have yet to buy from them, but I have heard nothing but praise! They also do many promotions.

http://www.honeycolor.com/ Another site I have yet to shop from but have heard good things about. (currently they are having free shipping on all orders over $18!)

     ♥How Much do Lenses Usually Cost?
Lens costs differ from site to site, but mainly stay in a range or $18-25 not including shipping.Shipping also differs from site to site, but I usually see it around $6-8 (standard). By staying up on promotions you can cut great deals on lenses!I have gotten a pair of lenses for around $17 plus shipping when they would have normally been around $26.
♥How do You Care For Circle Lenses?

Instead of writing a huge section for this, I feel like Aprilfoolromance summed everything up in her care post located here.

♥Do All Lenses Look Like the Stock Photos?

Unfortunately no, not all lenses look the the stock photos in real life. So how can you tell? I normally look up reviews and for photos via google and google images. Even using this method doesn't always mean you can find a photo, but there are a lot of reviews floating around the web so hopefully you can get lucky!(˘‿˘ʃƪ)

♥How Long Do Lenses Take to Arrive?
Arrival is different from site to site, and depends on how much you pay for shipping. I also do standard shipping because it is the cheapest, and my lenses arrive from anywhere between 2-4 weeks.
♥How Do You Put Lenses In?
There are many youtube videos of how to put in lenses, you can check them out here.
♥EXTRA: Tips For People with Light Eyes
Blend vs. No-blend
As you can see these blue lenses blend with my natural eye color so it fades out from green to blue.
With these lenses, you can clearly see the difference from my eye color to the lens color due to the design in the middle.
I don't discourage anyone with light eyes to buy lenses with no designs in the center, but just be weary that they will not blend as naturally as they would on darker eyes.
I made a small list of bloggers who post circle lens reviews for lighter eyes:

I hope this guide was helpful to anyone who is thinking about trying out circle lenses!(◠‿◠)

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