Hello ghoulies~! :D
Today my mom came to visit me and we spent the day together shopping and chatting.
First we went out to eat at TGI Friday's,where I talked my poor mom's ears off about Kamen Rider OOO since she asked what it was about, lol.
She asked and literally I couldn't shut up about it the whole time to the point that a barely ate. 
She told me she would like to watch it with me over skype and that made me so happy. ;A; She is the sweetest!

This is the food we got, doesn't it look so yummy? *u*
After eating we went shopping and here are some of the outfits I tried on.~
I actually got these two skirts and they are so cute and shimmery irl.♥ (I only had a bra on sooo~)
The day was super fun and here is my shopping haul (minus the fur coat cause my rommie got it for me but I wanted to show it off)

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