Ⓡⓔⓥⓘⓔⓦ AFTER-Bright Gold Series-B27 Eyelashes & MJ Blue Glamorous 315 Eyelashes

✧Please note:This review is based off my own experiences with the products
First off,I am always thankful to kkcenterhk for sending me products to review.
Today I will be reviewing two sets of false eyelashes,the first are AFTER-Bright False Eyelashes Gold Series-B17 and the second pair are MJ Long Blue Glamour Eyelashes 315.

The AFTER-Bright Gold Series-B17 set of lashes comes with 5 pairs of lashes per box.
The lashes themselves are very tough and hard to bend to the eye shape (at least of the first use),so I suggest wrapping them around like a tube of mascara so they will be more flexible when you put them on!
The design of the lashes are gorgeous though and made me feel really glamorous when I had them on.
They are very thick and long,especially in the center on the lash, and would go well with heavy makeup.
Over-all I really like how they look on,they are just a little tough to get on.

The MJ Long Blue Glamour 315 eyelashes comes with 10 pairs per box.
I was interested in these lashes because of the pretty blue color they are.
These lashes are actually half-lashes,which I found interesting,so they don't over the length of your full eye.
The texture of these lashes are very soft and the stem is very thin and flexible.
They are easy to put on and feel so light on your eyes that I practically forgot I was wearing them!
They give you a really nice subtle hint of blue and I think they could work with both light and heavy makeup styles.
Over-all I liked these lashes a lot because they are very light and pretty when on.
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