Korean BBQ!

So last night my roomies took Tre' and I out to eat Korean BBQ.
If you guys haven't had it before,I suggest you get a little group of people together and go!
I suggest taking a group cause it's pretty $$$ like $18-25 for a plate of meat.
It sounds pretty crazy,but it tastes soooo good and splitting up the tab shouldn't make it too bad. :)
When you order you get like 7 little sides including a little thing of rice,though I eat like none of the sides besides the rice,lol.
Tre' actually ordered a soup,I'm not sure what it was called but he really liked it.~
And this is how I looked to go out!
Have you guys even had K-BBQ?


  1. The food looks so yummy!! I love the meat because of the sauce it gets marinated in ;) love how perfect your lipstick is applied!

  2. Your outfit is very sweet I love it!!! It's also cool!!

    I also love korean BBQ ^^ So delicious!!

    恵美より ♥