♥Bright/Colorful Lip Colors♥

So everyone knows I am a huge lipstick/lip color junkie.
I probably buy lip products over most makeup items because it's honestly one of my favorites.
I've been happy to notice a trend of people wearing more 'non-traditional' colored lipsticks and I thought I would share some companies/brands with you guys. :)
Please note that I haven't had the chance to try most of these companies out,but I will do my best to find swatches and reviews.
*most information is coming from this post*

I've only heard a lot of good things about the lip products from this company,the only down most people seem to have is that it comes in a chapstick container. (that can easily be combated with a lip brush though)
One thing I find really cool about this company is that you can buy little samples of the colors before committing to buying the full size,which is really awesome because I personally know how much it sucks buying a color you like but it doesn't look great on you.
Price/Size: Sample - $2/? Full Size - $12/.15oz
Reviews/Swatches: here,here & here.

This is a company I have been dying to get my hands on!
They have so many gorgeous colors and I have also heard good things about their products.
They have two different lip products, first are their Lipsticks and next are their Wet Paints.
*says it's not tested on animals*
Price/Size: Lipsticks - $14.99-19.99/? Wet Paint - 18.99/?
Reviews/Swatches: here & here.

This is a company most of you have probably heard of already for it's longevity and good selection of colors.
I personally own 5 liptars from OCC and I love all of them.
You barely have to use any product to get full coverage and it lasts most of the day,it also comes with a mini-lip brush.
Another big up to this company is that it's 100% vegan and not tested on animals.
Prices/Size: $18.00/0.33oz
Reviews/Swatches: here,here, & here.

This is a company is one that I have personally never heard of before.
They carry a pretty good range of color from bright yellow to blue to black.
While looking at the site I found something I thought was really awesome, they are a very environmentally friendly company,so their products and vegan and most of the things they send their products in are bio-degradable.
Price/Size: $12.50/4 grams
Reviews/Swatches: here & here.

This is another company that I feel a lot of people know already,specially since it's a drugstore brand.
Recently they came out with a new lip product they call Macaron Lippies.
Prices/Size: $6.00/?
Reviews/Swatches: here & here.

This is an Etsy based company,and another one that I haven't really heard of before.
They have 2 selections of lipstick, Shimmer and Glossy
From what I see,the color selection is really great and most of the colors look very vibrant,I would actually be very interested in trying some of these colors out.
The lipstick's come in two different sizes,a lip balm size and a full lipstick size.
Prices/Size: Lip Balm Size - $7.00/? Full Lipstick -$9.50/?
Reviews/Swatches: here & here.

Melt is one of those companies I have been dying to try!
Their colors are gorgeous and I have only heard wonderful things about their products.
They are a cruelty free company which is always a huge plus.
Price/Size: $19.00/?
Reviews/Swatches: here & on their site.

Another company I stumbled upon and have been wanting to try for a few months now.
They have 8 different liquid lipstick colors and don't carry any other form of lip product.
I personally love liquid lipsticks so it's a win for me;this is also a cruelty free/vegan company.
Price/Size: $12.00/7 grams
Reviews/Swatches: here & here.

I actually found out about this company yesterday through a youtube video.
They have a great variety of bold,bright colors and I'm really itching to get my hands on some.
They have two different lip products, Lipsticks and Lip Paint.
Price/Size: Lipstick - $10.00/? Lip Paint - $12.00/?
Reviews/Swatches: -

Now I know there are more companies than what I listed,but I think I listed a pretty good amount with a decent price range.
I hope this is helpful to some of you guys and I hope to see more people wearing bold colors!~

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