I feel like I haven't updated in forever! ( ; A ;)
I've just been busy and whatnot, so time has just been slipping away.~
But I have some pretty good news guys!
I got a job at a salon doing makeup. 8D
Its not full time, or even part time, its more on-call when they have a lot of people who want makeup done.
But I will get paid for what I do, and I will finally have the expierience I've been wanting. ♡
I will be working for sure Oct. 23rd and the 29th, so I will have to update you guys on how it all goes. :>

Now here's an outfit I wore the other day.~
I thought I would post it because I haven't posted an outfit in awhile.

And last night, I got new tattoos! :D

This week has been pretty great so far.♥


  1. Congrats ^^
    That sounds like a really good start, it'll be good to get some experience like that.

    Also, your new tattoos look so clean! The lines are perfect! However, they're on your feet T^T and people feet are so weird and horrible XD lol
    I can't even touch my own feet! ewwwwww :P


  2. Yaaay! congrats leena! I'm so happy to hear this.
    Also, I love love the tattoo's :D I love bats myself and your feet are a nice place to place them.

  3. Congrats and nice tattoos. :D

  4. I'm so glad about the job! :DD It starts out with just call-ins and I hope it'll become a part time. Btw, really nice tattoo. <333

  5. @Pandora Absinthe
    Yeah, I agree. c:
    And I'm not a huge foot fan either, but I really like that I got them done there.

    :D Thanks dear!
    Yeah, I thought so too. <3

    Thanks & thanks. :3

    Yeah yeah!
    If all goes right it may go that way.
    And thankyou! :>