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So this is what I wore today, though I only went to Taco Bell to pick up food.
• • •
I also colored some of my hair today.
As much as I love my hair being lilac, it was finally in need of being re-done.
How I got my hair lilac to begin with was by waiting for my hair to fade from a darker purple, so it's time to do the process all over again. D:
So now it's back to dark purple,bleh.
• • •
Sad news! ( ; A;)
Ryutaro was diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome!
I'm honestly worried, I really hope he gets well soon.
Plastic Tree has become such a great part of my life.
Also, ZORO is takinga hiatus.
Please don't break up guys! >:
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  1. Wow! Just want to say, that your blog layout is so cute!

  2. Guillain–Barré syndrome is incurable.
    so, it's sad. but he's not going to get better : <

  3. @Claudia
    Thankyou~! :3
    Well, reading up on it, it says most patients can have a full recovery after a few months to a year, so I think Ryu will be okay. :3
    I'm still worried as hell, but keeping positive is best for him, and the fans.