Paper Plane.

Hello everyone.~
It's been getting chilly here in Florida!
It's time to get a new jacket I think.
So this is what I wore yesterday.
I was so cold because I didn't put on a jacket for this picture. D:
Look how lovely my new shirt looks though!♥

So last night I bough presents for Nachi, Jen, and Andrew.
Aside from Tre' and Nick, I consider them my closest friends.
Andrew is actually my best friend. :D
I also started to write my pen pals back, I've been SUPER slacking. ;A;
It's been like, a month or more, sorry guys~!

Plastic Tree's Marai Iro single came out! *3*
Download it

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  1. Yup, its definitely Jacket wearing time! Its hard making winter outfits when we don't have much sweaters/jackets! D: I love how your shorts and pants match your hair with the EXACT shades! I don't know how you do this. :'D

    Oh girl <333 One of these days you, Nachi, and me need to have a three way call. :D