So I know I kind of disappeared again. ( ._.)
But, I'm want to really start posting more on here again!
I plan to start posting more reviews soon!
Some of my upcoming reviews will be on Mane n' Tale Shampoo/Conditioner and on some bottom lashed I bought recently. :3
I will start to post more tutorials too seeing as my camera is back in business.~
I may start to post some of my own art too. :0
So look forward to that stuff before the end of the year.
So even though its kind of late, I wanted to show you guys some Halloween pictures. :>
I was a dead nurse like always, and I got Tre' to join me for some picture fun.

Isn't he the cutest? ;w;
Also, I've started back on my weight loss kick!
I really want to push myself to successful achieve the body I want to have.
This is currently what my body looks like, so we'll see how that goes. :>

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