Ⓡⓔⓥⓘⓔⓦ Green Series Lower Lashes 205

Hello ghouls & goblins~!
Here is my last review for the year 2013! Wow!
It's crazy that it's ending so fast.
The ever so lovely kkcenterhk sent me these lower lashes to review for you guys.~
These are what the lashes look like in and right out of the box.
They come with 10 pairs per box and have a more square design.
I've actually been really in love with the more boxy style lashes and I was super happy I could finally get a hold of some!
The lashes have a black stem that makes them more visible unless you are wearing heavier makeup, but there is any easy solution to making them less visible and that is by cutting them into smaller sections.
I personally cut mine this this:
I cut it into 3 sections, 2 mini pieces and a section containing 3 pieces together.
Since my eye isn't long, I discarded one of the mini sections to use later on.
Over all I was happy with how they looked; they are a design I've never worn before.
Unfortunately, they are currently sold out on the site.
Use code: magical-ghoul to get 10%!

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