2014: Year of Acceptance & Positivity♥

Hello ghouls & goblins.~

Today I just wanted to make a personal post talking about what I want to get out of this year, though I'm sure its just going to turn into a rambling mess, haha.
This year I really want to improve my thinking, which in turn will help me out in life.
I have decided to really focus on liking the body I have now even if it may not be exactly how I want it.
Putting myself down daily isn't going to help me with anything, so every morning I wake up and look at my body in the mirror and tell myself, "Your body looks cute today!"

It may seem silly, but filling my mind with positive thoughts early in the morning helps me through the day as compared to looking in the mirror and tearing myself down.

My body won't change over-night, but my thinking can.
I refuse to tell myself negative things and fill my head with garbage that drags me down.
I am a very capable, strong person, and I know I can overcome these negative thoughts I have fed myself.

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